Crack your running workout like a nut! RunCracker is an easy to use running tracker app including great variety of ready training plans.

Great Choice of Training Plans

Professional training plans form the best specialists. Combination of walking, jogging and running with varying acceleration for top results. Any level of physical condition: regardless of whether you can run a marathon or hardly a mile.

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Detailed Statistics

Tips & Help

Running and nutrition tips will help you solve problems and make running as comfortable as possible

  • How to warm up and cool-down
  • Running and the weather
  • Breathe!
  • Apparel tips
  • Get some great music
  • See your doctor
  • And more...

Plans for All Kinds to Fit
Any Level

Real-time Progress

Achievements for All Notable Results

Possibility to Train Both Out- and Indoors

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Easy access to music, audio books and podcasts right from the app