Weight Loss Fitness

Simple way to get fit and active.

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Short and easy workouts you can do anytime anywhere. Training sessions from only 6 minutes per day.

Guided workouts.

Great variety of exercises for the whole body and its parts. Full video and audio guidance for all the exercises.

Smart personalized plan.

  • Based on your goals and personal parameters.
  • Adjustable to your real-time progress and feedback.
  • Focused on your trouble zones.
  • You manage your workout schedule and select number of workouts per a day / a week.

Track your progress and enjoy the results.

Calories burned

Weight progress

Achievements to stay motivated.

Connect & Share.

Smart reminders for the
upcoming workouts.

Over 1000 of the newest music mixes to keep you energized during the workout.

Tips for embracing active and healthy lifestyle.