Fitness for Weight Loss

Fitness for weight loss: training plans with short high-intensity workouts to perform at home every day

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The only fitness app on the App Store designed specially for weight loss. This refined approach to 7-minutes workouts will make fitness serve your goals!


Breathing instructions audio & visualization for each exercise
Landscape & Portrait modes
Easy access to your music, podcasts and audio books right from the app

Smart Training Program

  • 4 weeks, 1 workout per day, about 10 minutes per training
  • Auto-adjusted training plan for every week: prevents your body from getting used to the workload
  • Alternation of low- and high-intensity workouts: lets you recover and regain strength
  • Gradual workload increase, rest periods and exercise order change: achieve top results in less time
  • 3 levels of training: suits any person
  • No need to worry about anything: just follow the plan


Calories burned counting

Weight tracking

Calendar to stay informed

Achievements to Stay Motivated


Calories, Weight and Training Progress Graphics

Full video, audio guidance to each of 74 exercises

AirPlay Supported